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Doing headshots in NYC always requires improvisation. I never know exactly where I'll be setting up, or how my equipment will fit the space. I was already familiar with this location having created headshots in this office several times over the years. I was expecting the same situation when I got there and so I packed my usual set up [see photo below]. To my surprise, when I arrived, I discovered the office had been renovated. The conference room had a brand new look and a brand new conference table. The old conference table was a gorgeous, solid wood, traditional conference table, and took up the entire conference room. It much too heavy to be moved and so I needed to sit on to be able take the headshots. When you are a photographer you roll with things and improvise! The best news was that the walls were freshly painted in a perfect shade of white. Black and white headshots were requested. In order to get this look, I used a conference room wall as my backdrop and did not throw any light on it and we got exactly what we were looking for: a clean, modern looking corporate headshot with a soft gray background.

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