ERAS headshot on long island
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ERAS headshot on long island

ERAS Headshot on Long Island

This headshot was taken specifically for an ERAS residency application.

It is a straightforward, professionally lit headshot photo against a plain background. I get many inquiries about ERAS residency headshots. Do I do them, what is the best thing to wear, and so on. This background was chosen to flatter this medical student. While the ERAS application requires a headshot, it does not specify a background color or if a professional headshot is the best way to go. I would say professional is always better. I typically pick a background that harmonizes well with my clients complexion and wardrobe. A quick search yields a variety of ERAS headshots posted online, all with different lighting and backgrounds. The one thing that seems to hold them together is a professional dress code.

Location: Cedarhurst, Long Island, New York.

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