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When this author of children's books called to find out about headshot photography, I explained my process and then asked my usual questions which are part of the wardrobe and grooming consult. She told me she has red hair and I asked how is teal and dark green on you? Fast forward to now, and you can see the result. Teal is the perfect balance to her hair and complexion.

Every client receives a custom experience from start to finish.

And it begins with a couple of questions that help me understand your needs and requirements. I encourage at least one wardrobe change if not 2. As we review the headshots we notice and understand the difference between how we think we look in real life and what we actually see on screen. Sometimes it is different. We think we look amazing in one color, only to be totally washed out by it, and we find out another color looks much better on screen and makes us look confident.

What about hair and makeup?

Great question! I highly recommend professional hair and make up before the session. Hair and makeup can have a profound effect on the final outcome of a headshot session - especially for women. I always say - It can elevate a photo from good to great. I do suggest a great place. A salon one mile away. Both make up and blow outs can be scheduled there. In fact, Lori used my suggested hair and make up people and took a hair cut just before the session. It is worth consideration.

Contact me today to book your headshot and schedule a consultation. I'd love to hear from you.

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